Design comes from the Latin expression of “throw forward”. In the design of stileItaliano we often put together the awareness of the present time shaped towards the evolving future, and we create glasses which, first of all, represent an optic tool.

This design goes through the history of the glasses and offers accurate reconsiderations of them. Among the stileItaliano collections, we find classic models as well as more brazen ones, without losing sight of the balance between taste and surprise. Yes, because we know it well, the design is the essential link between engineering and the art form, between invention and style and the goal is to design glasses that will become the undeniable life companion through which you can see the evolving world with new outlooks.

sitleItaliano gives its audience different product lines and collections which take inspiration from the surrounding territory, made of nature, flowers, colours and passions. Unique, irresistible and comfortable glasses, which love to play with transparencies, colour dyes and different materials. This is a very ambitious project, which transforms the needs of having simple glasses in the demand of wearing the stileItaliano design.