Wearing the stileItaliano glasses makes you feel strong and prepared. This is due to the fact that, together with the constantly modern design and the high – quality materials, we do not renounce to the best applied technology. Our glasses are made by advanced machineries in the historic Italian factories, with the greatest experience of the sector and thanks to the precision of the most aware artisans. Our glasses are chosen accurately and not at random.

STS Soft Touch Sensation Treatment: for a velvety sensation at touch, in order to reach as many sensory spheres as possible. Therefore, this is not only a choice between shiny and satin, but also a Soft Touch choice. This treatment covers the glasses in a precise way, giving more adherences to the face, eliminating also the slightest movements.

StripeColour Acetate: Putting together balanced and innovative colours means art form, and the only limit is fantasy. This technology allows superimposing and stratifying different levels of acetate, permitting original and chameleon chromatic combinations. Colours take shape through the light and the transparencies used. It’s sure, you’ll never be bored.

AR Joint: an undeniable anti – rolling system which eliminates the vibrations of the glasses from your face, making them more comfortable and durable. A more resistant joint, made by the best Italian technologies. You won’t take these glasses off anymore. This technology allows an incomparable long – lasting stability. The glasses are stable on your face, adapting to your experiences and willing to go with you everywhere.