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Everyone, every day, goes on a journey, a wonderful journey made of experiences, emotions and colours.

That’s how our products are born: inspired by the travel experiences that each of us lives through our own eyes and feelings.

Here, on the shore of the enchanting Lake Maggiore, where nature and everyday life merge with grace and vitality, the journey becomes real, offering us new motivation and original suggestions.

Patrycja & Andrea

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
Marcel Proust


Among the stileItaliano collections, we find classic models as well as more brazen ones, without losing sight of the balance
between taste and surprise. Yes, because we know it well, the design is the essential link between engineering and the art form, between invention and style and the goal is to design glasses that will become the undeniable life companion through which you can see the evolving world with new outlooks. sitleItaliano gives its audience different product lines and collections which take inspiration from the surrounding territory, made of nature, flowers, colours and passions. Unique, irresistible and comfortable glasses, which love to play with transparencies, colour dyes and different materials.


It is immediately clear that stileItaliano does not renounce to quality, which expresses itself not only through the excellent Italian material, but also through the service offered before, during and after the sale. Quality means having a meticulous care to details, starting from the choice of the acetate, of joints, of the comfortable and modern design, finishing with the flawless handmade assembly. All these things are intended to guarantee to our clients a comfortable, solid, strong and long – lasting frame without distortions or breaks.


Wearing the stileItaliano glasses makes you feel strong and prepared. This is due to the fact that, together with the constantly modern design and the high-quality materials, we do not renounce to the best applied technology. Our glasses are made by advanced machineries in the historic Italian factories, with the greatest experience of the sector and thanks to the precision of the most aware artisans.


Each stileItaliano collection is entirely designed and produced within the company by one of our designers. To design new collections, we take inspiration from the area in which we live. Lakes, mountains, flowers, scents, colours and emotions, all skilfully represented also on the acetate slabs through customised colours and original patterns.
Behind the name of each collection, there is a special story which makes it unique and irreplaceable and is based on our strong connection with the area in which we live.


Patrycja Celer

Brand owner and executive manager

Andrea Lamorte

Sales manager
Sales and product manager

Jabel Salvò

Sales & Customer Care Manager
Commercial manager
Sales and post-sales assistance

Doris de Mercanti

Content Marketing Manager
Marketing and communication manager

Simone del Nunzio

Responsible warehouse and logistics