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10 years of stileItaliano & 10 reasons for working with us 😊

We all continue to ask ourselves why we prefer one thing rather than another.

Here are the 10 main reasons for working with stileItaliano and its team:

1. stileItaliano offers real top-quality products that are “handmade in Italy”, a core concept implemented for over ten years now, and one on which all our corporate values are based.

2. A handcrafted product with a constantly updated and unique design, in acetate, metal and titanium.

3. The stileItaliano collection is split into 4 macro-areas with proposals for three different age groups:

school – eyewear designed for younger children, conceived down to the smallest technical detail to provide a specialized and aesthetically pleasing product for both children and their parents.

young – collection dedicated to teenagers, where style and fashion play a fundamental role.

adult – more elaborate frames for adults looking for that personal touch which enables them to stand out without exaggerating in terms of over-eccentric shapes or colors.

SunGlasses – a collection of sunglasses designed for young people and adults alike, which not only protect from the sun, but are also able to mount prescription/sun lenses.

4. All our eyewear undergoes careful quality controls to provide you with a handcrafted product of the highest quality standards.

5. In addition to taking care of all structural and aesthetic aspects of the eyewear, we also focus closely on the packaging used to deliver complete frames to your end customers.

6. All the frames viewable on our website are available in stock. No more long waiting times or advance orders. No more doubts about availability.

7. Speedy dispatch using international couriers able to ensure easy traceability and fast delivery.

8. A dynamic and motivated team, attentive to the latest fashion & design trends, made up of qualified professionals in areas such as sales, administration and marketing.

9. We provide an excellent assistance service. From the administrative phase to after-sales you will always have a consultant at your service, as well as constant support for all promotional, Social+ and POP aspects. For every need you can quickly communicate with them by email, telephone or live-chat.

10. Website tailor-made for you:

Immediacy as regards viewing available models accompanied by detailed technical data sheets and images of the proposed eyewear.

– Possibility of creating wish lists of the models being viewed (including together with your customer).

B2B extranet service for our customers only, to give them the chance to buy our products and access the materials dedicated to them.

– Contents in 4 languages: Italian/English/German/French.

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