Pixel is the element which forms the images we see on a screen, whether in high or low definition, in colour or black and white. The same as a puzzle, it is a collection of many pieces that, if taken individually, would not represent anything but together they form an image, convey an emotion, a feeling.
It has an unusual shape with sharp lines which become then round and delicate with transparent and aligned colours. Depicted on both temples, there are two important symbols of the video game world, well recognised by all children of today and yesterday. In one of the temples, there is Pac-man, the most iconic video game character. The other temple shows his antagonist, the little ghost who always tried so hard to eat Pac-Man; the protagonists of many legendary games.
For all boys and girls who do not fear a challenge and prefer facing them with cleverness and, sometimes, ingenuity. Pixel, a really surprisingly unique collection.


Colour: light blue transparent glossy

Model: SI5012 - pixel
Color code: SI5012.155
Materiale: Acetate

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