Colourful and carefree, Harlequin wanders around the theater scene, always remaining at the center of attention. A turmoil of energy and shrewdness push him to live a life full of challenges and new experiences. This collection was created to express all this: colours with iridescent shades and transparencies alternate with light havanas, precisely to embody the spirit of Harlequin. The front shows highlights designed to enrich the gaze; the right temple features acetates of different colours alternating as in an irreverent theatrical dance while the left one shows the unmistakable stileItaliano brand. Let yourself be captivated by Harlequin and live every day as a leading player.


Colour: dark brown shaded in turquoise transparent with light green bonding


Model: SI5555 - arlecchino
Color code: SI5555.257
Material: Acetate

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