The secret of this collection lies in the temples. Just like glaciers have carved and smoothed the hardest rock over the course of history, the master craftsmen have cleverly worked the temples to create a resting place for the soul and the hinges. The latter are barely visible on the surface. Another special feature is the bold and surprising bonds, which are reminiscent of the time-worn paths left by the Monte Rosa glaciers. Nuances that accompany women in choosing a pair of glasses for today and tomorrow. Its colours are found on mountain slopes, at sunrise, and in rock stratified over the years. A pair of glasses with a classic and timeless shape still capable of surprising you by adding a touch of radiance and freshness to every woman’s face.


Colour: striked blue havana & electric blue mat

Model: SI7010 - monte rosa
Color code: SI7010.089
Materiale: Acetate

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