Fun, playful, and full of energy, they make you smile and proverbially repeat everything you say. A bit like our children, who never tire of playing and repeating what they hear from adults, coming out with amusing blunders and making us laugh. The Parrot has large wings of a thousand colours and many stunning combinations, just like this collection that highlights two different acetates on the temple tips. A skilful bonding that suddenly unites one colour with another, just like on the plumage of these wonderful animals. An elegant shape reinforced by a double hinge with a flex mechanism to accommodate all movements and make the glasses more stable on the face.

Pappagallo: a courageous collection with fun, playful colours to make every child’s life more carefree.


Colour: transparent gradient orange with blue navy endings

Model: SI5017 - pappagallo
Color code: SI5017.216
Material: Acetate

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