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The Beauty of REAL Made in Italy…

The Real Made in Italy for stileItaliano means creating eyewear exclusively in ITALY. We start from scratch and end with the production of an entirely ITALIAN unique piece, making the customer experience a sensory journey that can evoke the unique atmosphere of the Beautiful Country (Il Bel Paese).

All-Italian design

From the experiences that the environment can offer, we create a product with extremely high-quality standards: The senses are the starting point from which we draw our inspiration and translate it into the design of each pair of glasses.

Long lasting materials

In addition to the sensory experience, the technical aspect plays a key role as well.
We choose only materials of excellence such as Mazzucchelli Acetate and hypoallergenic metal alloys together with sturdy and stable hinges, which are essential to ensure solid, safe, comfortable and long-lasting glasses.

Handcrafts: where everything begins

For stileItaliano we carefully and seriously select the best Italian artisan workshops.
Only thanks to the Venetian master artisans’ experience and dedication we are able to provide a product of extremely high-quality standards.


Our philosophy drives us first and foremost to make an ethical choice: from the use of naturally sourced materials to the optimization of production cycles in limited editions. Everything is made by reducing waste as much as possible thanks to the use of the most advanced equipment and technology and with the help of the skillful hands of the artisans. For stileItaliano, made in Italy production is not a simple option, it is an almost ‘km 0’ lifestyle that reduces environmental impact in respect of people and nature.

stileItaliano is not just an eyewear collection!

It is also a meticulous and reliable partner in the service before, during and after the sale, with materials always in stock and staff punctually available. This deems us the ideal partner for our increasingly aware and demanding customers.
stileItaliano glasses are aimed at people paying attention to detail and quality and eager to express their personality through a vibrant and qualitatively unquestionable accessory. The main objective is therefore to blend aesthetics and comfort, just as nature and everyday life do. This is because ITALY is the only country which can offer all these characteristics and qualities and thus guarantee the REAL MADE IN ITALY product!


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