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Ricky, an evergreen shaped eyewear which perfectly fits the face of a headstrong young man, thirsty for knowledge and experience. An acetate having fresh colours and successful transparencies that gives life to a temple decorated with two highlights and a moulded metal core to embellish the wearer’s face. Closing out this Youngs collection is a five-jointed hinge for eyewear able to meet any challenge. Ricky, a collection full of surprises, just like your life is.

Color code:SI5559.283
Material: Acetate
Measurements:49 - 16 - 135
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All-Italian design

From the experiences that the environment can offer, we create a product with extremely high-quality standards: The senses are the starting point from which we draw our inspiration and translate it into the design of each pair of glasses.

Long-lasting materials

We choose only materials of excellence such as Mazzucchelli Acetate and hypoallergenic metal alloys together with sturdy and stable hinges, which are essential to ensure solid, safe, comfortable and long-lasting glasses.

Customer Care

A meticulous and reliable partner in the service before, during and after the sale, with materials always in stock and staff punctually available. This deems us the ideal partner for our increasingly aware and demanding customers.