They are the most coveted customers, the ones that can only be won with patience and understanding: CHILDREN. Choosing together the frame that best suits them can represent a fun and informative experience for both.

In this article we want to tell you about a special type of customer that requires special consideration from opticians during the sales phase. We will also analyse the most popular trends in choosing the perfect frame for the little ones.

Of course, we need to ask the child this question: which pair of glasses do you want? Most answers fall into one of these two categories:

  1. I want the same glasses as…
  2. I want the glasses of my favourite superhero (their current idol).

This way, we already have two guidelines that can allow the optician to figure out which glasses to suggest.

On the one hand, children try to imitate adults, especially people they admire and people who listen to them. It could be a parent, an older brother/sister or even their best friend who also wears glasses. For this reason, besides technical frames, your collection must also include some with a more classic line that can remind adult glasses in miniature. It doesn’t matter if the frame is made of acetate or metal, they must look similar to those of the “adults”. We can overlook the colours for now; children always like them.

On the other hand, children may be inspired by a character from a cartoon, by a popular rapper or even by a superhero. In this case, apart from the shape, it’s also important to consider the colours! Of course we still need to find a frame that suits them, but especially the colours that represent their idol. Colours that are sober and that can always be worn casually but that hide a rebel soul, just like the idol our little adults admire and want to imitate!

And you know, being able to sell the right pair of glasses to a child means also conquering the parents and hopefully the whole family!

Analysing the situation through the eyes of a parent, you will be able to learn about the new needs that generate the different trends. We will discuss this later and list a number of points to take into account during the selection phase of glasses for children. The primary requirement is always durability and quality though.

We must also consider a small detail that cannot be ignored. Especially at the beginning, the child won’t be so happy about the glasses. They are often seen as a hindrance to their freedom of movement and as a task because they must pay attention to how to wear and how to remove the glasses without breaking them.

No product is indestructible but it’s still better if the child wears a frame of higher quality than average to ensure greater durability over time. Also the lenses can considerably increase the total cost, especially if you have to create them to correct a major ocular dysfunction. It is not the right choice then to choose an economic frame as if it were to break, it would be difficult to find the spare parts and it could be necessary to pay again for a new pair of glasses.

How can we help parents to make the child understand the importance of wearing glasses? It’s not a secret. Actually, the answer is very simple: we need to involve him and make him the central part of the entire process of choice. This way, the child will get the glasses he wants and it will be easier for him to accept and wear it. He will be happy about them and what initially was cause of discomfort will turn into a source of pride and uniqueness!

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that it is important to listen to the wishes of the child and often they receive glasses that are functional, of course, but horrible to their eyes. This makes it difficult for the child to get accustomed to them and to create a routine that will allow him to wear the frame automatically and casually.

We recommend that you always remind customers, especially parents, that wearing a glasses is not like wearing a shirt that you may like or not but that has the sole purpose of covering the body. A pair of glasses is an instrument that must be worn for the physical and mental well-being of the child himself; the same way an adult would never wear glasses that he does not like, also a child will probably do the same. And as we said at the beginning, remember: a satisfied child becomes a loyal customer… he will soon return (not considering fashion, of course) because he will grow up and will need a pair of glasses that suits his new teenage needs!

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